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11:24 p.m. 2006-02-14

We split our tongues over words lilting like last refrains over wrecks and wretches. Casting off restraints like hurling shadows offbuilding in circular slitting of hindrance. We alight on midnight casting oblivion into pocketed mirrors refracting rainbows and shaped clouds to disguise nostalgia. She lay tangled bedside among a scattering of old love letters lost amongst strangled phrase to utter the desperation of the words "I love you" and she fought to choke back stale tears at the inability of our hearts to echo reconciliation and such serene sentiment from rooftops. Where have you been hiding among my words? There's been an outpouring of instilled delusion and you've been evasive at best hidden between lines to escape remembering. I have no cord to knit together the fragmentary scenes that make up the illusion of you casting stars among blades of grass on summers nights.

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