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10:23 p.m. 2006-02-22

Oscillating heartsrtings instilling reversion to past tendency and aversion to subliminal cries for change. Inutterable these phrases that shudder and wreck tremors through clastic glass sanctuaries repentant and afraid we withered advice under sunsets. They spoke with desperation tangling words together to admit the innocence of constelations and I would be a satelite to your pull orbital frequencies remitted in the admission of guilt i heard you whispering. Like they cast shadows across moonlit walks splitting fantasy and reality as the sky fell in shards (backlit and crimson) When you woke this morning to mourning and that litany of shame tumbling lengthwise over waterfalls slid between bedsheets did you still feel cold? I could burn stellar reference into eyelids and when i've finished setting fire to old postmarked letters there will be room to breath. This house is a trembling shape of shattered mirrors and you've been hiding between walls reflected in window panes lined with contrition and faith. No more.

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