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1:32 p.m. 2006-02-08

They cast their stilted shadows across wallpaper blanketed in suburban oblivion, these fetid aides consequence of altered gentic causation. They dripped archaic urgings painted in instinctual subliminal reversions to signal this scraped beginning. Provokatuers straddling pensive logic in experimental contaigon they split his teeth and rent open sore abscess in sutured flesh, childlike skin branded in addiction rupturing innocence and semblance of sanity with incisions chemical in origin reeking of concotions and the scion of twin helical design. Wretched angelic scar tissue emanating from artificial disease injected through willingness and architectuarl instabilities. These replacements projecting blocked sunlight onto the walls of his father's bedroom in dilating pupil kinetic observation. Casting aside lurid assertations and cyclical reasonsings in fragmented taking-ins of surrounds surreal in chromatic opiate delusions they slit circuitry to execture grave desire like the tumbling of saline. Apex climb numbing sensory disillusion as discovery bleeds relief into anxious capillaries Routine suicide through rapturous self destruction he sits beside and inhales evisceration. Cabinet swung hingefree gaping to reveal that which assuages and faded wording dictating cursory paralysis. Surname stripped in second split revelation dawning of truth hidden in birthcertificates stashed. Adoption papers in bloom to entrap attention. Collapsing body construes shock as chemicals awash trigger craneal malfunctions and sentience fades past being into darkenss and the tremulant. When the ambulances arrive there is nothing left in the boy.

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