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10:16 p.m. 2006-01-30

I bled like redeemers to cut my teeth on glass and sharded meaningless when you disappeared behind veils of time and closed doors. You said it was the very uncontrived essense of everything we'd ever loved and created through existence that traced scars up and down my arms in patterns that used to resemble maps and now lead to nowhere. Its been a lot like that lately. Last night I stumbled home through doors ridden tight to hinges fed by bolts and locksafe the illusion of security for the children as they hide in droves. Last night i bore witness to fragility and that reoccurence of hope that is strewn murdered across every inch of me. In the glare of written progression and the shroud of nighttime emitting voids I wrap myself in this, my most constant companion, the ache that conceives prophecy and self fulfillment through saline and patchworks of razortrails. The jet fighters scream and they trace contrails in the sky arcing aftermarks that resemble the signature on that letter you left, and below contrails become something other than intangible. Aftereffect compulsory purgatory and negation of evolution as night time steeples its manifest despair around downtrodden souls. I am nothing but the streets.

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