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The Speaker
1:31 p.m. 2006-02-08

Irreducible, this grandiose fabrication this creation wrought at the hands of a God with averted eyes. This fragile balance of glass and flesh and the diminuitive bliss of this progression, this plane and constellation reaching through time. Inexorable, demented, this is existence from on high, looking down from this insubstantial existence i ponder their fate. I am no god, He has hidden himself far away as a child would hide, in the corner of this eternity dreaming as a child would dream. He created all of this and it has broken His hold, the plan He set into motion has ruined his mind and he dreams godlike dreams that inevitably come to nothing. He set the Script in the starscape but he refuses to see its course. He is the maker and I have made it my place to be the safeguard, He may have set all of this in place but it is I who watch over it.
There are other forces exerted here in this void, this gaping hole of a universe, along the rim at first they hid in their plotting and their darkened cunning. For time untold I have watched their childish schemes manifest in the Outlyers, unimportant, irrelevant. And yet another has risen, a hand to alter the Script to other conclusions. This is his place, his futile attempt to wreste control from his erstwhile God, and God will do nothing to end it. I have not the power to devour this abberation, I am nothing and the only hope for the fate of man may lie in the hand of man. So it is my place to watch and to infer; to give them the tools to be what they were meant to be. God has turned his eye away and I am mankind's last hope for truth, for salvation, though the saving will lie in the hands of others it is only I who know the plan. I will send my call to them, this S.O.S, this beacon of hope to purge the darkness. How the respond, if one arises to make the necessary cuts, that is not my trouble. They will rise to glory or fall in the design of the abberation, it is none of my concern. However, someone must speak to the light to counter the voices in the dark. I will be the balance and the Script will be set right. I am truth, I am the Speaker, I am the last voice for the lost.

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