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Just like that
12:38 a.m. 2006-01-29

False prophets amassed in derivative selfinfliction. Junctionary resolutions dividends of past declarations and the derision that derrides overtures of divinity. There is denial lying next to me every morning. Engraved in the casket overhead overturned the final last words you called your own like glaring headlights or starshine. Triangular disenfranchisement and the exctasy of irregular heartbeat intermingled with this disease. Like you had something to say. Like i could stand up in front of the few and just exhale all the bullshit that's been building up in my heart for days. Like, like giving up I'll stray and slide and the streetlights trace the paths taken between heartbeats when god gives out and the stars break. Like tomorrow I'll be gone

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