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the car
5:22 p.m. 2005-11-28

As the wind blows your hair into your eyes and the leaves fall like the broken children, there's this undeniable sense of... something is here. The radio's playing old love songs and the drugs are making tunnels out of sidewalks and voids out of old lovers. "Its something in th ether man." The leaves and the wind are companions, whispering sweet nothings into your ears and you've missed those sounds so much you would kill yourself, or anyone else. Isn't that pathetic?
I could leave you speechless you know, could bend your mind upside down and destroy old perceptions and render you incapable of any kind of reply, i could vocally blow your mind, stringing endless adjectives to similies that burn like metaphors where children and God hold hands and burn down their neighbours houses. Or, i could scream those obsceneties, just to make you feel. But i won't because that's meaningless, even if it moves you. I don't care if i bring tears to your eyes, unless you're thinking about it on the ride home.

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