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Oi Oi Oi oi!
10:38 a.m. 2005-11-28

When i was younger, i know i must have helped my father move. And i know it must have been such an issue of childish pride, to be able to keep up with father would be way rad, but i never could, he always had to help. But not anymore. Now its the other way around, in fact i almost ended up in the hospital yesterday because of it. No one can watch over us forever.

Fading lense to obscurity as the reverberations echo steel walls in the corridor exhaling. Excavate that old delusion to project harmonic dissolution of the chords we despise. You are a note and you will be eliminated. Caustic and another casualty of all of this the perfect projection of sound into space and we'll wail and wither over you. Hallucinagenic tendencies visualizing songs with color spots and hazy eyes. Euphoric for a while this revenant will find you like fear in your gut when it won't go away. So divulge and indulge and split your seconds before you realize that the shit you loved was way too much. You're a fucking fool for ever starting this.

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