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9:39 p.m. 2005-11-29

"could you show me dear, something i've not seen, something infinitely interesting?"
Spiraling towards sunset like the look in your eyes that reminds of us people we promised we would meet. The clouds are polorized reflectors casting our shadows over dreamscapes to escape. We approach walls covered in photographs as children growing up and uncovering each memory long since lost is a revelation. Stepping to the streets in the darkest of night when you're looking out your window at the storm i hope you imagine me burning. Shrouds of smoke and illusions of hope that enthrall and ensnare and we'll never find ourselves on the edge when we're blind and trying. Suffice it to say i haven't the slightest idea of the thoughts in your head every time you look northward and that's the problem. I'll put no stock in things that are so easilty visible. In the dark i'll feel you

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