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Fuck you sweetheart
3:59 p.m. 2005-03-10

And no one is to know....
Because its times like these when you can't help but pity yourself and the truth is its your own fault... but you don't want to hear that do you? A shimmer and a smile and you'll be gone again. And i wish you were here. Trace the site of the wound cover your heart with your fingers as these eyes pierce our souls with languid grace. Simply stellar. You know that I don't. Love you.... when it bites your mind so elegantly there's nothing to do but fall into repetition. And you were my own cycle for a long time. What's your endless suicide? Because I can see it, see it in your eyes. Fuck your perceptions and assumptions and she was right, contradiction is beautiful. But your hypocrasy has become the trap ensnaring your joy and bleeding you dry. Don't you wonder what she's going through? A year in silence and a million miles apart I miss you. So what if its not what you wanted to be? They already know and I won't call your name out twice. Your unanswered plea is the root of all evil and like a night on fire you are breaking all the rules.
Fuck you sweetheart

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