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I will blame myself
9:13 p.m. 2005-02-22

Say it was everything you wanted these warm petals bathed in blue and gold as the sun comes up to your whim and the cold screen is a savior as your words echo off. The skyline is singing us to sleep under neon stars and the refecltion of your hair in the windows. A perfect image recreated through glass and light and you are haunting my dreams. Reverberation of melody spanning your walls as cascades of harmonious deception filter through sound and light to deliver the lies we've loved the best. Your conspiracy theories are getting to be too much and i think we get to wrapped up in the feeling beside you and me and fuck all of our insecurities and transient emotions and lay favor on the victor and his smile will light up the room with his charm and all the things that made you fall in love with him. I am nothing and the spotlight falls short with grace and poise take my bow in shadows. Reestablished as a queen among heartbreakers the silence is ringing and every song is about you and i'm completely convinced that i don't love you anymore and its perfect. A contrived go sits in stance above our cities with outcry and heartbreak presiding through two pale eyes and the neverender awaiting our demise carry me home. It seems sometimes that everyone is hurting and I am just hoping that you're all remembering how to smile and i hope that when you look up the sky is still beautiful. I am broken, you can see it up and down my skin and in my eyes, but I am still living and this hurting is only part of what keeps me up everyday. ANd as long as its still true for you too then what's the use in crying.
I just wanted a girl who could be beautiful with red eyes and a tearstained face... have i found you?

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