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7:11 p.m. 2005-02-24

I want you to destroy everything of me and I will break apart the letters i wrote you and the pictures we took. Every time you turn around they will fall in love with you i swear to god this isn't the truth. My last chance to break your heart before you go away. Dig the knives in with eloquence and a certain perfection as we dream away our daily time. Watch the clock shattering slowly and the hourglass is so unreliable. "save your scissors..." Deny me your heart and take away your mind with an absense of prose to speak your words for you. I will not be left behind so i'm leaving you before you have a chance to say those words. The futility of believing anything. What is there to dream of when you've deconstructed my hope for tomorrow with a simple static and a false reply. I don't know what i'm saying but I know i'm hurting again

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