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Without You
9:40 p.m. 2005-02-16

So we threw our one chance away without regret and awoke forgetting to die inside with every step. Fuck your static and diversionary tactics that steal you away. A catalyst of incomplete dreams that drove the hope too far and created the scars up and down my arms that were explained away with splashes of kerosene and a tearstained love letter that clawed at the heart as the fires licked the soul of the mannequin. Bloody walkways dictate the path we walked in the engrossing truth that spread the stain. It was never supposed to mean so much and it was never supposed to be such a part of me. An alien angel the ones we'll never understand permeat the dream with your fingers and the soft skin. Fuck you and your spastic self image and the constant rearranging of verse that dictates the emotion and creates this cyclical storm of devestation and redemption. Spill your doubts over the table and sort through your dreams and delusions and the wishes you wanted to come true, find the reality and fight for something more than easy. Can you lean in close and whisper that it never meant a thing and then I will be free to fall into this calming sorrow that disinfects the senses and replaces numbness with feeling. Never again. Drying eyes on sidewalks as the disillusionment sets in and the colors fade and her eyes are no longer beautiful. I suppose its just that without this hurt what would i have?

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