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10:15 p.m. 2005-02-02

Strangle the words on the bridge of disaster as the rift between what is right and what we need divides the senses as the line of perfection and a broken home. Fragile spell cast over the spoken word and the revealed beauty of your soul in verse as the script tangles its lines through words and phrases that light our hearts on fire and bring forth the glory of an uncertain new day. Please just stop saying that everything was important up until the point that revelation revealed the ueslessness of this feeling. Progress circular retribution as the desperation scars the walls and burns away the ahses of this forgotten feeling behind your eyes i can see the ineffectual nature of your musings. Whimsy defines these flimsy emotions. I want everything to be clear but the opaque nature of your beautiful soul is a karmic sneer. I can see the footsteps trailing behind so clearly but where are you going? Like silver on this plain i will wait for the beauty to fade before i submerge once more and you will become something translucent and only half real. Without proof of your existence i am lost. Today i remember the rush and the urge and the submission and dilution of hope. Spin the web of transmissions across the air and sing the wires tapped over the skyline as the comlink dies and the static reign exults. Maybe someday we'll see what its like.

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