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10:11 p.m. 2005-01-31

Timelapse contusions litter the skies. Fragment lacerations bleed forth sunlight and the scrapers revealed in human nature and the edifice elapsing. Slipstream this skin and shiver the scars across bruised flesh as the reminders sink in the carving of memory into something blunt and clear. With these wounds we see the truth of the past. Silence the cries of the victim scorned beneath this city as the bleeding coagulates and reforms this terrain in shades of crimson and cold. As the death reveres the chair of persecution the fingers grope the skin of the ending of this protusion. Sever the impediment and the lasting impressions of these imperilious emotion. The mythe of the healing begins in the hearts of the damned and the hum of the revenant silk screen smiling as the dying breath out in release as the paralysis take hold. In reverance lay this down and spread your regret like 'cataracts of warm water' and remove the stains of footsteps from this hallowed ground where i lay breathless. Signify the ending throug the shadow falling short of a revenge or a truance. Sui Generis, i stand here alone and the crying stars are proverbial reminders of the insignificance of you and i.

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