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10:08 p.m. 2005-02-03

Things were all right as the sidewalk bloomed concrete pedestals to cushion the blow. Ruining streams of tears and red as the bled return. Inevitable stretch of pavement steel frame remembrance post the notice on the walls and leave the decision up to the rest. I would never fake the declaration and the solemnity of the situation requires a statement on both parts and i have made mine, letters in the hallways and scraps of paper crying you name. A candy heart. These were the utterances from the mute the words unspoken unseen as the king of the blind recalls his sight with nostalgia and empty tears. Loudspeakers in the workplace. Kailene, those words fit you perfectly. Diane you are slipping out of view and Diane was waiting to call the words out perfectly but she looked confused as we walked away. You would hate me for this. And maybe i won't look cool but that's ok. The foreign apprehension at the sight of you and the catalyst of your fingers on skin brought forth feigned ignorance and a fearful sense of home.

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