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8:55 p.m. 2004-11-10

you arrogant whore
perceptive second glances following through on our ruined chances and this was all a mistake. Equilibrium through chaos and a triangulation of symmetry is leaving this red mark dancing on my forehead. I can't see. You were always so long over due and justifications won't matter. Take this apology to heart and you will realize that the call is unanswered with the sigh of the tone. Inter-flourecence is painting the corridor a blur we're stuck up here together just you and i and i can't wait to have you. Can you see me for what i am and can i watch your eyes wide with anxiety... you look surprised to see me as i really am. Self indulgence is closing and the stripping of your tendons through prolonged desire rips flesh from bone to reveal your sweet heart. Can you hear the whisper in return as you conscript this fear in soiled attempt to run away from the things that are happening. Crippling incomprehension this steel will bury you. And as steel completes you you'll stare at me in surprise and the lights reflected in your eyes make you look less than alive. See me under the headlights with evidence of a fatal secret and see me in the shadows watching you. I am the fear that keeps you running and i am terror that will keep you wide awake for me... waiting

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