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Shout it out slits
10:40 p.m. 2004-11-08

In the silent footsteps of a perpetual sunset a rift shudders awake and the shattering of idealism runs rampant as the stars fall in a shower of ritualistic destruction signifying beauty and the ultimate sense of fragilty as everything falls apart around us. And we're standing here in the snow, smiles shared dancing between flashes of light. Holding you holding me there is nothing to say as the world ends and perfection is as radiant as the light in your eyes encircling my soul. And i just wanted you to know that here at the beginning of all things that they'll be writing about years from now... i want you to know that at the end of the world the only thing i wanted was to hear your voice.
"and in case you were wondering, you were like a sunset to me..."
Yeah so you just said that we could shout it out all we wanted and after three long years i can't tell the difference between a beginning and an end that is cycling in apocalypse through a space that is so insignificant. Galaxies are collapsing and this is phase two and its just me and you watching it all go down. I was watching you watching it end i was wondering why you ever thought that he had a part of you i could never touch. Standing next to you i know you are his and it doesn't matter because i can see the glittering wonder deep in your beautiful eyes and i don't care. Lying in the grass with you by my side i'll never need to touch you because its all there in the lilting tones of your voice as you whisper coveted hopes and dreams so sweetly into eager ears
"so this is continuous happiness..."

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