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One part
9:32 p.m. 2004-11-08

"in return for your conspiracy..."
In exchange for your promise of an injustice dreaming behind brown eyes i will burn for this in the winter of our rebellion. Show me this masterpiece torn from the mind of a dreamer and replace a sense of hope with foreboding and a sense of delirium silenced by crimson drapes and the palpable delusions of a blind man. In this moment existence is a stain and you are the cause as concrete manifestations of inverted logic loom to the heavens in a destruction of naturalism. Behind angels eyes i'll find you. Philosophy revealed behind schools and your soul was sold in the alleys behind your house in the moments before a dawn materialized behind this crystal haze. In sobriety i am writing these letters containing the decisions that intoxication confounded. And insanity is lurking behind this steel frame. Can you look at me straight eye and say that you never had a thought of doubt or a misunderstood desire pulsating through withered veins. Audacity redundant portray these figures in stillframes full of tenderness when the reality was harsh words and the ones left unsaid were the worst. I'm hoping this time around we'll make the decision not to stay silent.

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