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Nothing is wrong
12:10 a.m. 2004-05-20

A temporary relief that defies words

Every night there's a show in my room and its just me. Tonight everyone was there, but it was only the five of you and me in that crowded room. The music was amazing and nothing can change the fact that for this night i took your words to heart and danced and sang despite the looks. Or maybe because of them.

Needless to say i went to a show, Alexisonfire, Silverstein, Emery and The Higher. All amazing bands but i went for AOF and just got everything out.

The most incredible feeling is screaming your heart out, and watching, hearing, someone else tearing forth with that same emotion. In a sea of faces and eyes, there was just the words i screamed at all of you, and none of you heard me. That's not what's important though, what's important is that i said it all and i sounded beautiful under the heady power of your voice.

"My fingers are blistered and bleeding. There's no longer discomfort you gave me..."

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