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Cryptic idiocy
10:27 p.m. 2004-05-18

For fear of self inflicted salvatoin we curl away inside our holes or pity and loathing. Direct this hatred to the world and its only a reflection of inner weakness and i am not strong i promise you. (is this all we have) today was a reverberation of past disappointments and i just need someone to have some faith in my inabilty to kill myself. don't worry about me i've already burned away in the quiet places and whatyou see left is just the ashes of aftershock. i hate how this feels like it will never end even though rationale says its just a phase. This rolled death wasn't enough to assuage the guilt of partaking... not tonight anyway. I was just hoping for some relief, i didn't want to end up on the floor afraid. don't Waste time on pity or sympathy, this is something you don't want to understand.

I was just wondering, where have you been lately

you gave him a heart as wrong as this world but you've given him so much to make up for it. where's my tenner?


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