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Flowers and Machine guns
9:09 p.m. 2004-04-06

Null gravity and you thought u could just kill the feeling, like an anesthetic eternal and numbing, didn't you. you fucking dunce what makes you think you have any control over who or what you obsess over. Paint me a picture of your confidence, whitewash or black preferably, after all you only have time for one thing at once. And the oddest things occur to us in the stillness, realizations of... realizations that don't matter to anyone but us and they're so powerfully personal that we can't help but SCREAM them out onto the internet. And you know what i realized, i remember. Humanity isn't supposed to be able to remember but i do. Its so simplicit and the fact is i love it in its numbing rapture.

Do you remember the pain? And the joy before? There's plenty of evidnence that you don't, but i do. I remember what i felt and that's why i tried so long to kill the feeling. (i remember that too)

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