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So i lied so we tried to ignore this one last time
8:49 p.m. 2004-04-06

Delirium Trigger the places you hide and can't see the light blow the pain away rosebud heartache blossoming under the cold kiss of the metal skin fades away sweet annihilation

Hey again dearest

Bleeding baby girl eyeliner cataracts mascara desperation these stains won't come out cry your heart out and the soul is exhumed dig so deep and you'll find it hidden somewhere special withered and dying dry your eyes there's nothing here to cry about

Dearest Destruction, I would pour these words out to you on paper with ink and vehemence but it seems lately we neither of us have the time Past tense retribution do you understand the underlying significance of this caved in corner room with a child hidden inside find a way through the flames and debris and rescue the only heart we any of us care about

Eyes shut dark out this blind glare
Awash in euphoric memory shorelines
Nothing here to hold me back
If we were all just washed away
Drug trip fantasies
would you think of me
On your spiral case stairway?
Tired of dying
Tired of trying
We're all just a scream away
Forgive me if i sound self pitying
I'm not I promise
Have you seen the words i wrote on your wall?
Waiting for you to find the day?
Do you think of me
Do you think of me (think about all the times we left behind naked washed away)
Hold up and hold on and forget

I thought for a little while there i didn't need excess expression or denominational sincerity but now i see how much of a waste of time it was to even consider you in this. You're opinions don't matter as illustrated by the way you go about not giving a shit (hah)

So we thought we could just hide our meaning behind walls of pretty words and no one understood but they all fell into imitation and we're left here to wonder what the point of it is when you don't have something more to say (stop wasting words)

Hello again

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