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Rape me
7:02 p.m. 2004-03-18

half witted half sincere excuses on the tailend of pathetic apologies. "here on the backend of forever..." Wishing we hadn't invested in this deadend dream as we blow past the memories of points we're only beginning to learn to regret. Slim to nothing chance wasting away on the tip of your tongue and the barrel of a gun. Waste away and bleed me bay-bee. I wouldn't trade all the things we wasted for anything less than fifty cents and a ride home. After that its up to you.

"That's life" she said footsteps sweet on the ground below i would let you walk all over me. Five times we fall apart the last time was only slighty less tolerable than when you said that this was over for the fourth time. push it to the back of your head and ignore the things our hearts are determined to make clear, we're all products of our own insensitivity.

"For them i'll kill anything"

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