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Granite soft
8:35 p.m. 2004-03-18

Time ender stop splitsecond miserys. Brink side realizations that nothing's going right. Strip away the pink candy wraping paper and the confetti thin lies in this theme party and its nothing but faces growing old. Abruptly the thought comes lingering bittersweet like the kiss of a lover; cold as your eyes and as endless as the pain recylcing throughout. Pensive we rest easy unable to comprehend our own minimal understanding. Lights off pretend your sleeping don't let them catch you awake. Fuck it

Where are you neverender?

Excess delivery and space to spare on this trainful of happy souls it seems to few of us are remembering how to smile. Its back to false enjoyment and the apparent lack of concealment. I'll close myself off again.

Read your diary, posthumous now i suppose, you're long gone. With all due respect. I felt the pain of the words and well envy you. Admiration of your acceptance of the reality of the situation. Just the same I won't do what you did, and I won't condone it. All i can do is understand why you felt the need to go. And i'll hurt for you and the people you left and i'll hurt for all the people i know who are so close to following you. If you see them, watch out for them ok?

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