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Bone tired
9:20 p.m. 2004-03-17

Its internal external expulsion from the time you served. Peace for a moment stretched so softly by able hands that held you so securely. The selfsame hands that shield us from harm will eventually turn us out to face the harship of all of this. The hands that held me shattered my soul.

-I would love to cry for you-

_You couldn't quite grasp the gravity of the words appearing on your screen. And then it was too late_

Its time i stopped pretending i'm any good. Everyone knows it and what was i thinking? Don't hold any faith in the reassurances of others, stop expecting kind words you fucking asshole.

So its back to this then.

"To me, coming from you, friend is a four letter word"

It wouldn't hurt so bad if you just let yourself hurt. Acceptance breaks this. Self image redefinition for the last time i am what i am and nothing anyone says and nothing i do will change that.


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