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Down with the communists
10:01 p.m. 2004-02-18

Its something without a name, or at least a name i can't recognize. You seem so together there breathing so simply, a voice a face and pleasant laughter paint a picture so perfectly. You look so tranquil there, sitting on top of the world, looking out the window and sounding so damn confident. But looking from the inside this direlict building tumbled with broken furniture and broken relationships, i see you for what you are. (you're just as lost as i've ever been) and the only difference is, you refuse to accept it. You've got it all wrong. Embrace this and understand that you dont' know which way is up anymore. Drown yourself in those tears and accept your childish, human fragility. We're all made of glass, see through and breakable. Your transparency is inevitable. (Maybe i'm just as arrogant as you ever were, or maybe i'm just dead on)

Insights on a television screen, complete with a halftime show (now with more public exposure) and the perfectly packaged dark comedy. I meant every word i said

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