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F*** censorship (this has been censored courtesy of the US government)
6:11 p.m. 2004-02-19

Is self mutilation becoming a trend here? Advertisments for razorblades line the highways and MTV rushes to cater to this emerging teenage obsession. A whole new genre of music, dubbed S.A, has rushed onto the scene, chalkfull of generic lyrics and titles. One is unsure whether these are yet another wave of major label creations or if this is true expression. One things for sure, the biggest bands, screaming about their blood flowing, have either surgically removed their scars or are liars. The suicide rate has skyrocketed and the authorities are baffled as to why murder cases have all but disappeared. Professionals are beginning to worry about the fate of the next generation of Americans. Religious groups are studiously ignorant and when questioned on the subject say that their god is culling the weak. The prices of life insurance are obscene and college fees are exorbitant; hardly anyone is left to enroll anyway. The government is in shambles as no one seems to be able to soothe and console the thousands of families left behind.

"its odd," comments one 16 year old boy, "everyone assumed that if we got wiped out it would be either from an act of God or nuclear war. Apparently all it takes is the media."

Another survivor remarked, "If al it takes is a few commercials and too many song lyrics to get us all killed, then i'm glad we're gone."

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