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I invented Television
9:47 p.m. 2004-02-18

Another girl to care about it seems because so many of you are out there. Are you familiar with this, this...unselfish feeling i can't seem to get rid of. I can't shake the fact that i care about you, all of you. The only requirement is that you be someone worth caring about. And almost everyone is. (Scars on your wrists and shoulders paint a blood red picture of your torment) I'm not asking a thing from this you know, its all about you. )i want you to be happy( you're not happy are you. no not really you aren't. i wish i could make you grin. And if you let me i'll be there for you, i'll be that boi you can talk to and tell your secrets, because i don't judge. Don't hide who you are the brutal truth might hit hard, but little lies are a thousand needles. I promise you again i'm asking nothing offering everything, because maybe you can make better use of the person i am than i can (i'm so very very worthless)

Smile, the sun is setting

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