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7:30 p.m. 2004-02-07

Objectify the one thing that i wanted. And i look into your eyes sitting here as you walk through, the sex the that i see it blinds heart it binds my eyes so i give in, i don't want this anymore i brought u into my i've left you here you're in my circular parade of failure.

Circling whirling spinning round and round blurred by reality and creativity and the fact that i feel so guilty. Degredated by my sincerity this is my apology. A constant cycle of abohrant lost, my own circular parade full of failure self doubt and forgotten realizations of past dreams. There's nothing left of the person i wanted to be nothing left of that boy with eyes full of pacivity and tranquil love. There's no allure here anymore, just admit it and forget me just pretend the boy i was still exists and that somewhere over the rainbow i'll find him again. Selfish wishes and ignorance are all that i am. blind me to the world and i will withdraw

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