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We're so alone
11:31 a.m. 2004-02-08

Approach with caution the yellow tape is much too thick here. A spider web of lies and beaurocracy and unintentional postpartem despression. Giving birth to this beast and calling him your son you should be ashamed of the lust that brought you to this. Take away the ineffectual coverups and halfhearted self loathing and you're left with nothing but a barren room and broken windows. Smash the mirrors destroy self image and objective reality, take this glass and carve out your future upon your flesh shape the face the world will see, take it all away take it from me now. Spiraling out of control with effects and echoes haunting, the faceless man has a voice like no other scream at me today scream at me blow me away. She said never go away and she ran away from me just go away i can't breath without you heart can't see you anymore everything is so hazy and only three string choruses are keeping me grounded. Cross out the I's and cross out my eyes and leave me naked broken chained down to this dilapidated shell of a building. This house is not a home wihtout you hear and my eyes are burning from tears or not i do not know. Ther'es nothing left here.

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