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Gone before you knew
2:39 p.m. 2004-02-03


you had the softest eyes and the cruelest voice. Wipe away every memory you managed to savor and restart the collection (i have a large collection of thunder) of faded stillframes hanging on dusty walls (that i stole from your windowsill). Burn me up and destroy me bay-bee. Its never the same twice and speak up your voice sounds different this time. You had the kindest smile and the coldest touch. Your hands were like ice on that first thursday night. Can you imagine that was all so long ago? So much i've forgotten but a few scattered images are stuck here like neon lights in the redlight district. The afterglow i burning away but i haven't closed my eyes to this. Ever wondered what it would be like if things were different if time stood still would we be caught. (smile for the camera dear) what would it be like to lie here in this space between with you. (i really want to immortalize this moment) wordless composition and your voice is burning on forever somewhere in space. You're just an echo now dearest. (so far away from everything) Its times like these where you seem a little less real. My spiderweb is caught in the wind and spread out over continents but i'm still so insubstantial.


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