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i'll love you for always and forever
7:39 p.m. 2004-01-08

Like saturday i'll be gone before you knew that i was there.

Tonight this three hour drive, might as well be to alaska...

I need some time to my self to be alone with anyone but me the only reason i broke off was because maybe the weight was too heavy? sometimes people with blonde hair confuse me. And i think i should start doing areobics, and all that other stuff. Who turned the lights up so bright everything's hurting my eyes and something's seriously wrong here... stop laughing at me. Stop pretending you're standing next to me, i know you're not going to be there when i lean over so who gives a fuck what you say? Scream into a vacuum, and maybe it'll suck out your lungs, or maybe you'll create something magical but i doubti it. Wait a second while i fall asleep in your arms... again this isn't real but its all i have. "los hombres no son idiotas, el amor los hace asi" men aren't idiots love just makes them that way. I CAN BARELY SMILE... we won't stand for hazy eyes any more. God this is tearing me a part and truth be told i won't last as long as the date on the label. I'm already growing weak and fading away... share with me you illusions to make my passing simpler

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