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Emotions come last
7:17 p.m. 2004-01-08

She said

Give up its over/i can't do this anymore/ sometimes don't you wonder what all of this's for?/ I don't know but lately i don't care/ seems to me life shouldn't really be fair.. cuz nothin else is anymore

Sometimes nothing you can say can change the reality of who you are and the decisions you make must be set in stone cuz latley you've been so damn stubborn. Set in your ways you'll stay that way until someday you realize you've been throwing years away... right out the window.

You've been wasting time trying to find something perfect when nothing's perfect when nothing's perfect except for you.

These things are coming together so slowly and falling apart twice as fast nothing seems to last looking past my window sill this all feels so temporary.

Don't tell the world.... that i don't belong.

is is hard to see the things you substitue for me and all my thoughts of you its eating me alive to leave you... maybe its childish and maybe its wrong but so is your blank stare in lew of this song... don't wanna be wrong

But nothings left for me except songs and memories and still frames capturing blinding glory and truth be told nothings good enough

kill me while i still believe that you were meant for me.

Nothing's right anymore and all i can do is write and try to effect this polariod future in some way because i'm not even living here, just existing this isn't life.. you are

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