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7:54 p.m. 2004-01-08

Customized syllabis and retro repeating love songs on a tube FM radio can you hear is crackling. Strangely tuned chords repeat as you watch the vynl rotate and ponder the meaning of all of this and the truth is maybe there isn't. But no one ever believes that, not really. Suicidal literature screams for someone to stop jumping and repair the binding... or tear it all apart so no one else has to cry. You're bringing everyone down so just cut the shit alright. Stop being so selfish and just fucking pretend you're happy so no one has to suffer, except you. Can we hurt together? Remember a long time ago, you promised we would and i didn't believe you go ahead and tell me you told me so cuz you told me so and i feel so... much right now and none of it will go away and someone gave these pains a body because he's walking right next to me, long haired and black eyed laughing at me tripping me screaming when i'm sleeping you're torturing me and you look just like me, except everything's different on the other side of the mirror isn't it. just give me one good nights sleep and one clear dream of her to drive me crazy

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