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forget i said anything
8:14 p.m. 2004-01-08

Where did you go far away why are you so far away i can't stand knowing your far away. Come back.

Save me for tonight so tomorrow i can die again inside and out and nothing means everything but everything i see can't make me feel a thing anymore and what changed ot make me some hollowed out pitiful thing craving something i cant have. forget i ever existed and i'll foget i was ever alive.

You told me, once a long time ago, that you hoped there was nothing when we died, just darkness and rest. And i couldn't understand that at the time, even though i thought i was hurting like you were, i guess i wasn't. Cuz right now all i want is darkness and rest and it would almost be worth lossing you (i'm sorry) to just sleep forever. you know what i've got it down to a science bringing myself to the brink of tears and swallowing them down and feeling the pain as they break inside like waves i want to die right now goodbye (i wish i had the guts and lacked the caring) but then i wouldn't be me would i?

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