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i hate
8:29 p.m. 2004-01-08

Don't you love how i hate me and how i can't let this go. Sorry i tried to let you get rid of some of it, i take it back i really do. We'll pretend it never happened and you'll make jokes and i'll laugh and things won't ever be right (they weren't anyway) "i hate myself and want to die" fuck it all but i'm so tired and its not that i don't like LIFE its that i don't like the life fucking GOD is giving me right now. You won't make me a believer by torturing me you know you omnipotent fuck. Don't pretend you didn't make this happen. If you're so powerful then you did, and i'm not saying i blame you just don't try to ignore your involvment. the way i see it, so many people have been hurt so bad, directly or indirectly by YOU that they have to cling to you because you're the only thing that seems clear. Its a big fucking trap for you isn't it?

Please don't let me strike me with lightning, you'd make her cry.... bastard

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