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you would kill for this... just a little bit
2:58 p.m. 2004-01-07

Little girls pointing and laughing at that paper doll slip of a life i present to them. Teasing laughter floats farther, and cuts deeper, than kind words and you can't save me this time. Somebody blind me so i don't have to pretend to be normal, somebody take my eyes out so i can see who you are without any distractions. Did you know i saw through you the first time i saw you? two weeks ago feels so much clearer than any moment since. Forget me its that simple and then only melodies will be left floating eternally in dull echoed sympathies for the pain you feel, i left my metaphors at the door and i feel naked. I felt so weak today but that's ok because i am. Even you couldn't make me feel better then, your brief words meant nothing at all.

Did you know that you're the same person? I didn't.

These words keep coming and they mean nothing anymore show it off so much that it becomes utterly meaningless and the only way to share creativity is to first follow the formula. I hate that. It means the masses are nothing but blind followers to the media and perceptions of greatness. I could write the greatest songs of all time, but unless you all knew me from my past formulaic works, you wouldn't give a shit. How many innovations have been lost because the person wasn't famous? How much more advanced and complex could the arts be? We've lost so much in the short time we've existed, we're so fucking stupid for being the people we are but being flawed is the only thing we do right anymore. I don't want to be a part of this but the only alternative is death and i'm no suicidal... maybe i am but i'm not ready to burn eternally yet. Are you?

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