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7:07 a.m. 2004-01-07

Take my hand so you can let go again and watch me slipping, looking betrayed and endearing. Drip this nostalgic saltwaters into my heart like morphine sustain me on your tragedy and keep me alive on mingled pain. And the thing i always loved about you was how so much shit was going on every time you smiled. The way you were so cheerfully pessimistic and when the worst things happened you were laughing the hardest... "Jake i want you to be the first to know, i think i have a problem" but i could tell you were grinning. Do you say these things on purpose that still go straight through me? Maybe its the way you throw them out so randomly. I needed this this morning. Thanks.

You're still sleeping and i'm dreaming awake about holding you in my arms. I was borderline delusional today and kept getting the strangest feeling that you were lying in bed right behind me. Made quite a mess of the covers trying to find you. But that's ok because i miss you so damn much and i'm going crazy and all i can think about is touching you. "this room is sick of rehearsals i'm sick of the boundary's i miss you so much" Someone fix me i'm broken again. Lol i'm so fucking screwed for the next 2 goddamn years. I Hate you all hahah have a good day fuckers

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