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like i said
3:39 p.m. 2004-01-07

Lock me up ever so slowly so i'll never know i've been caged. Walking around within these walls i'll think i'm free and i'll rejoice in all my choices. but the truth will always be that you have me on a five foot leash and you're jerking me and pulling me through life and i'm too stupid to notice. Did you ever stop and realize that you haven't noticed anything? Somehow i doubt it.

"you're my konstantine and no one will ever hurt you like i do"

You're keeping me awake with half formed delusional desires filling up the freeze frames and you're life has been on pause for the past seven years. or maybe it was eight? does it even matter anymore? Looking out the window and painting pictures with moonbeams and masterpieces in the skies in 6 octaves of ethereal silence. Do my words still touch you and make you shiver in the darkness? Like a little taste of the sweetness of her lips, something is being denied to you and i love how often you change shapes and how your never the same person twice. I also hate that about you, you seem so effortlessly fake. Straylight run is taking back sunday without half the band and its just another outlet for the emotions you seem to have an abundance of isn't it? We lost so much but we don't care anymore i don't want to need anything but i need you i need you. YOU NEVER MEANT A SINGLE THING TO ME... but of course i'm still lying and pretending and you can't forgive but i've forgotten.

PS i'm a mess

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