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Trig times two
9:10 a.m. 2003-11-01

Give up your life for one night of fun and in the morning do you think there'll be regrets? I hope not but maybe in a few hours i won't feel the same way.

What i'm refering to children, is the fact that i'm probably going to be grounded for most of the rest of my time here. Last night i came home smelling of alcohol and both my parents and i came to decisions. Seperate decisions that really don't fit together too well. I've decided i'm not going to bother lying to them, but that i'm not going to let their decisions determine how i live. I've decided that I won't harbor this anger anymore, or i won't direct it at them anyway, i'll simply go about my business and if my decisions clash with theirs, tough its my life. There's nothing to be scared of because ultimately they can't do anything about it. Conversely, they've decided that i'm not to be trusted and that its time for some stricter restrictions. How do you people think that'll pan out? I honestly don't really care anymore. I only have a little while left and i'm going to spend it with people i care about, i refuse to waste anymore of my life because of them and because they refuse to see what world they live in anymore.

Last night was fun though wasn't it? I hope you all had a good time. I love you. Call me

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