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About a girl
7:45 p.m. 2003-11-01

The tempermental winds of the dull roar in my head, phycological pain that's only bearable around you screams into full blown shrieks and this pain becomes completely real. Its a kick in the stomach, its these pins stabbing every inch of me, it this splitting headache and these watering eyes. This will be my life for two years.

Girl i want to give you something you've never had before, i want to make you feel so perfect, so luminously beautiful that you'll close your eyes and feel the light filtering softly from every inch of you. I want you to feel safe, I want you to fall asleep in my arms. i want to watch you sleep, and i want to wake up one morning and see you watching me. i want to sing with you and i want to scream with you and i want to [feel] what you're thinking. And i want you to see through me like you do. Girl i want to be with you forever.

There's this emptiness inside me right now. I was talking to her today, suddenly she's back in my life, and i told her that I didn't want to die until i've found what it is i'm missing. Its like... i'm thirsty but water doesn't appeal to me because deep down i know its not what will quench my thirst. When i'm with you, i forget i'm looking for something. Maybe that means when i'm with you i'm close to whatever it is i need. Girl i love you and i feel like i'm losing you

Two years... 730 days... And i'll be here for Spring break, and in the summer, and during winter. Baby girl that feels like forever because even now i can never get enough of you. But its so amazing being with you that I know i can wait two years for you because you're every thing i ever wanted.

and when i wouldn't let myself see that, you said you wouldn't give up on me, and no one had ever said that to me before and i knew you cared. I don't think you realize how much that affected me. I was cold then, because i was firm in my belief that no one would/could care about me and there you were. A goddess, a beautiful girl who knew that i was broken and who knew that there was a possibilty i was too far away to be helped and just the same you told me you wouldn't give up on me. I didn't love you the first time i saw you, because beauty isn't enough... even beauty as staggering as yours. But when i read all the amazing things you wrote, and i talked to you and i saw you, i knew i could love you. And the first time i touched you, time stopped and the only thing in the world was you and the beat of my heart. Every night i write another song for you, singing it softly almost silently as i slip away into incoherent dreams of you, and every morning i wake up and wish you'd heard it. If i walk down the street and i see something and it means something to me or its beautiful and i can hardly concentrate because all i can think is 'i wish she could see this' I want to watch the sun go down with you beside me, and i want to lay under the stars with you. So many things i want and i wish you were here now so we could cry together, because these tears feel like they could heal.

~but its me and since you're not here i'll push them away~

You're so beautiful

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