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6:00 p.m. 2003-10-31

Fate fell short this time/ your smile fades in the summer/ place your hand in mine/ i'll leave when i wanna. "Action-Blink 182"

Take everything i ever offered you because there's nothing here you can't see. No ulterior motives no... lies. I look at you, and i know i won't be able to forget you. You remind me of the wind, and you remind me of pretty much all of nature. But mostly i see you in the moon, the reasons why are slightly beyond me but there you are. Don't think you don't matter i think of you more than u'll know, lately it just seems like i can't quite express it. Maybe its in the way we never quite talk anymore. I see you at skool, and i want to talk to u, and i'm pretty sure u wouldn't mind talking to me, but you're so quiet that its hard, like you've withdrawn to somewhere i can't reach.

And [/you] you remind me of a snowy night, something that's still sort of new to me.... i'll explain later, right now i have to leave to meet you

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