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8:33 p.m. 2003-07-21

I don't like first names. They're usually too formal and they're the exclusive expression of your parents tastes. Your first name is who they made you out to be before you were old enough to see straight; its biased and is about as personal as a bar code.

I don't like surnames. You're last name is what links you to your past and people commonly refer to a group of people by their last names, thus dehumanizing the individual. When you say something like 'those smith's sure are a smart family' you've taken several individuals and made them into one collectively intelligent entity. What if they're youngest son is a moron? Unless the entire family lives by the same beliefs, morals ethics and routines and maintains the same assocaiation, surnames are completely worthless.

I do like middle names. I go by my middle name. And if i didn't happen to like my middle name, chances are i would find a name I did like and use that as my middle name. Because the middle name is neither formal nor linked to any other people. I'm allowed to be who i want to be and make my own way through life without being tied down to needless associations or formalities... and i just wrote more about names than i've written about anything for a really long time someone buy me a life please

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