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and that's that bitches
12:41 a.m. 2007-05-11

You can hear their voices in the background, telling jokes and echoing endless views that cycle through generations, substituting new slang for old. And you can hear the static permeating cheap gasping speakers like the rattling last breaths of people dying in their sleep, peaceful and constant but teetering, you can't help but expect it to stop. There are cracks in his voice, ripples that tear at vocal chords and shred the perfection of angelpitch tones and simple lyrics that delve into the profound innocence of man's motivations; and you realize that we really are simple beings, and you realize that that really is beautiful. There are so many distractions of this live recording i would sell souls or scatter corpses to have been a part of and the meaninglessness of their words and the vile ring of the static and the fragile, human errors in his singing only make me want it more. It feels more real when things aren't forced through the veil of idolworship and superficially sincere flawless composition and mixing. It feels right.

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