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11:31 p.m. 2007-04-30

I can feel the crescendos of my voice in the taut muscles in my arms. And the engine races vibrant mimicry of straining melodies and every time my voice cracks lightning strings justifications across the sky like righteous disdain for these flaws in my vocal chords. And I smile, turn the volume up and let the wind crack through gaping windows to swallow the music and my voice together to the sky. And when we drive this fast we send shockwaves like prayers over the pavement and the still air gasps like lovers in the void wake of our passing and you can almost hear unwritten lovesongs in the gentle gurgling of the vacuum. I imagine rivers in my rearview tinted jade with harmony and neon with the melody of my undertone engine sighs. Add to that the moon and the distant symphony of city lights and just close your eyes and drive

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