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girlie girl
2:54 a.m. 2007-04-30

When you move like tonight it doesn't matter what face you give them or why they're here. The size of their hips fades in the gentle sweeping of their arms and you give them life like music gives tenderness and i never want to get any closer to the bodies you bestow with this grace. And these girls just show up at shows to catch my eye and they dance like dreamers sigh and i always forget the music. Watch them flow in their skirts with stetching legs and whole oceans grasped in the fragile clenching of fingers and her hair always get in her eyes. And so far they've just moved like shadows and a step behind the beat, like songs that don't fit us on nights that we need to be understood. But i found the right song for you, soul, and someday you'll give them the moves, and i'll give them the song and we'll both understand what we've been waiting around here for.

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