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8:51 p.m. 2006-01-16

A tributary leading out to sea as your oceans are constant fixtures of celestial aspirations and cathartic hope on the runway while stoplights and manipulations of soul echo like the hush of jet engines. You slept in and out of dreaming eyes shut to the emanations of a world revisiting past violence and revisionist reference. Your dreams were agitations of reality purging regulation and repetition in favor of sunsets and imaginative gatherings of the grieving and the delirious. The joys of your exhalations in constant exuberation as the flow of airwaves lulls you to sleep by my side. Windswept scapes of visualized dreamings these fields are everlasting while your manage to squeeze out the deviations of reality and the plagues that ravage our day to day existence. You've been dreaming to escape the exhortations of the life you've lived loved and lied to. You've been sweeping fingers over blades of glass crystalline in starlight and shaped to fit a lover's form as overhead the reclaimed souls of friends and heroes alight in the pungent explosions of july fourth firecrackers and that whispering of home. Covering faces in shawls made of intangible essences poured out behind shuddering eyelids there is no trace of youth left in the childs face as the dreams slip away. Every night that you sleep leads to a waking that rends mourning from lungs to erupt in a litany of tragedy for the loss of worlds tailored to fit an escapists fantasy. Every night you swing your way towards sleep you slip a little farther away and every night you smile in your dreams and every night I realize that I'm losing you

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