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Kiss the Sky
11:09 p.m. 2006-01-10

They cut diversionary tactics into cloudscapes to reflect his malformity. As he stood overhead, 16th storey rooftop alight, his disfigured architecture a ruination of grace, there was an essence of conflagaration lurking beneath pockmarked skin and direlect structure. Whispered maelstroms, deviations of thought bilingual respiration of tidal pools inside caverns and cavities. Asphixyating conjecture with improbable causation, debts to doubt paid in mandible rebellion as the air broke in to sores at the syllables blistering. Altruistic sense of captivity and the entity manifest in intangible logical fallicies while stuttering step nears the juncture. Mental stimuli echoing in metacarpal abberation and dyslexic intepretation of sensory perception. Hallucinagenic inhalations faltering passageways of capillary deprivation hollowing out craneal capacity projecting frail forms over plunging depths in malcontent haze- he sees the steps and the dead ones waiting in a thickening of motes and travesty of lightenings. Cerebral betrayals condense air currents with convections and wavelengths aural incantations severed from imagnings and spliced into stilled air as the whispers climax again, the beckoning calls overlaid beneath a threnody illconceived. This is the sum of all parts and the depths are contained in the space of a contraction of lids when the eyes close the fall disappears and they'll never find the end of it- or the reasons for its beginning

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