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If you understand...
11:21 a.m. 2005-12-20

Contributory linear notes describing existentialism to mask giving up. Contradiction ridden and distributed over the medium ridicule and rejection through the sidewinding of mental delusionary synapses. Electricity will follow prefunctionary parkways enlightening weathered mentalities with the same sense of corrosion. Envisioned as tremulant, the metacarpal twitches that revisit and define the evisceration of hearts and souls. Characterized by past actions and outdated social polarities and infested with tribal mindsets and developmental flaws, congenital. Vast circumfrence wavering as the capillaries act as syringe and perpetuate crimson eccentricity and the color of revulsion to open blind eyes and castrate the innocence of souls. Focusing inwards a sensory deprivation to fulfill expected obligations that wander and fade, I will not let this slip away as revisions to priorities are made and children stand crying in the streets.

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